TV Installation Services are not all that we offer From complete home theater installations to installing projector and projector screens, as well as security camera systems and handyman services. SG Installations AZ is your one stop shop. Learn more about the services we offer here. 

TV Wall Mounting and TV Installation

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SG Installations AZ Inc. specializes in TV mounting and TV installation services. We can mount any size TV to any kind of wall using our very own techniques that secure TV brackets to hold three times the weight of your TV. We carry a variety of fixed, tilt, full motion and pull down mounts in our TV installation packages.



 Home Theater Installation

At SG Installations AZ, Inc, our home theater installation services are designed to provide you with a unique opportunity: to design an entertainment setup that suits your specific needs and goals. Our home theater installation professionals are passionate about technology and home entertainment. We want to help you make the most of your space by installing a home theater system that gives you the best picture and sound available. No matter the layout of your home or size of your budget, we’ll be happy to work with you to create the home theater system and you’ve been dreaming about.


Projector and Projector Screen Installation

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Projectors provide the ultimate home theater experience. Nothing else comes as close to truly re-creating the viewing experience of a movie theater. SG Installations AZ, Inc will evaluate your site and advise you on the optimal screen size. A projector screen makes for an extreme (and extremely awesome) home movie watching experience. Plan to install the projector screen in an area that is easily viewable from your existing furniture, situated in a place that the projector will display against wall. We will mount your projector on the ceiling or wall and neatly dress and or conceal your wires based on your ceiling structure as well as install your projector screen. Our projector installation pros come prepared with anything and everything they will need for the job. We make sure your projector and projector screen will be placed exactly where you want it and operating to its full potential. If you aren’t quite sure about the placement of your projector installation let us suggest the proper distance and elevation for you. Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied!  


Security Camera Installation

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With an extensive selection of quality camera equipment, we offer state-of-the-art video surveillance systems for just about any security need you may have. And all of our products are backed up by full tech support, so you won’t be left to troubleshoot issues on your own. We’re committed to providing our clients with uncompromised security solutions, and we want to do the same for you. So whether you’re looking for a simple nanny cam or a more complex setup for your Phoenix, AZ business, you can count on SG Installations AZ, Inc for professional, affordable, and honest service.


Wire Management and Wire Concealment

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No one wants to see a half dozen cords and wires hanging down the wall from the TV, and everyone wants their expensive HDTV plugged into external power-surge for complete protection. That’s where our wire concealment and wire management services come in with your TV installation. Following code compliancy, we can “bridge the power” up the wall and give you power directly behind the TV. This gives you the ability to safely plug your power directly behind the TV, as well as hiding your component cables for the ultimate look you want. 


Handyman Services

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Many homeowners will say that it is hard to find a reliable, professional home repair person. With over thousands of hours of the highest of quality service, you can trust our crew of home improvement professionals to care for your home.